Sat, 09/05/2015

On the second of May 2015, I was lucky to be able to capture a 'decisive moment'. It actually rather happened by chance, or at least my most spectacular image wasn't really planned. I was witnessing at close range a small feeding party of Turnstones. The birds were particularly tame and they were catching almost every five minutes a small crab.  Despite that the light conditions weren't optimal, I decided to give it a chance and I soon lied flat on my belly at a few metres from the Turnstones. All I had to do was observe in what direction they were moving and wait in front of them. The birds did what I expected and soon came closer. Now I just needed some patience and hope that a bird would catch a crab at a distance which would allow me to take a nicely framed image.  Already after a few tens of minutes, I spotted through my viewfinder a bird which suddenly stopped his frantic movements and seemed looking at a prey. I had the reflex to start immediately to shoot nonstop in high speed modus. Yes!, I noticed within the few next seconds that the bird attacked the prey, which was probably a crab. This all went so quick that I was too slow to have seen decently what happened. When I looked at my screen, I was very happy to see the first image: a tiny crab heads his scissors high up in a threatening pose towards the Turnstone. It reminded me of David and Goliath.

Sadly the brave little David had no chance to win this time, what happens next is history... Under here follows the whole sequence of images.

Almost on the same spot, a pair of Common Ringed Plovers were feeding actively. One of both birds seemed quite curious a came looking at me. Under here the image.

I decided to try to get some images from the feeding Plovers, which worked out again quite nicely. Under here some images from the pair, followed by a series from a feeding bird.